About: A Kate Bush themed T-shirt campaign, created in response to a class assignment to create portraits about icons. 

Skills and processes: hand-illustration, visual theme development, photoshop, t-shirt campaign, marketing

Research and Development 

We were set a project to create a portrait of an icon for a poster and for a T-shirt; after designing a poster dedicated to Malcolm X, I chose to create an T-shirt dedicated to Kate Bush.

I was interested at first in creating a traditional portrait, and studied her videos to capture her amazing expressions along with her lyrics with paintbrush and ink. These are based on the videos for Babooshka and Wow: 

I started to expand my ideas beyond simplistic portraits however, and explored themes of isolation, wildness, passion and nature in her work. I explored British natural landscapes and ecosystems, including weeds. The words are based on “This Woman’s Work”:

I got very interested in typographic solutions, playing with her lyrics (Cloudbusting, Wow, Hounds of Love, Oh England My Lionheart), conveying the play of Wow, the Britishness of Oh England:

I was fascinated by the sense of isolation and wildness in the video for Hounds of Love, and wanted to combine this with 80s aethetics, and other iconography from her songs. I explored paper cuts, ink and tissue paper:

Her dancing and movement has always fascinated me, her expressions:

Final Design

However, it was her iconic video for her single Wuthering Heights that won me over for the final design, marrying all my favourite parts of her: her alienness and isolation, matched by the weirdness and wildness of the natural world in Britain, and her expressions and physcality. I explored this through organic shapes and patterns, by marrying paper cuts and ink:

I uploaded the design to Everpress, and marketed it through social media platforms. The campaign was successful, and I sold 11 t-shirts: