Flo Low


Graphic Designer

Art Educator
Video Artist
Installation Artist
Drag Performer
Visual Artist

Web Designer

Florence Low is a British-Armenian graphic designer, art educator, editor and visual artist. 

They received their FdA in Graphic Design from the Camberwell College of Arts, University of Arts London, their MA in Reception of the Classical World from University College London, and their BA in Classics from the University of Nottingham.

Florence specialises in branding, layout design and web design. Their clients include the Barbican, the Hye-Phen Collective and HyeBred Magazine. In their work, they explore public and private space in the city through the lens of queer space and the forest. 

Florence teaches weekly Zoom art classes aimed at young children, based around movements in art history, and they run a fortnightly Zoom art club.

You can email Florence at florencearlow@gmail.com, and find their instagram at @boy.florence

Web Design

Shades of Noir

From 2018 to 2019, I designed and ran the online Creative Database for the anti-racism platform Shades of Noir, which works around decolonisation of arts curricula, universities and institutions. It is a database

The Creative Database is an ongoing project to archive and document creatives from various disciplines, including design, fine art, sound art, writing, film, fashion and photography. The Creative Database is an online space that champions creatives of all disciplines who do not tend to be celebrated in traditional and mainstream media, centring the achievements of people of colour in particular.

It is an acknowledgement of the contributions to the arts of people of colour and creatives from other marginalised communities, including women, disabled people and queer and trans people. It is a recognition of, and reaction against, the elitist and colonial nature of arts education in the UK. It aims to provide arts educators with tools to decolonise and democratise their teaching in colleges and universities, though is available to anyone who wishes to use it, including students.


I am the designer of HyeBred, a biannual, not-for-profit, online literary magazine that features the work of creative Armenian descendants. I design the layout of the online publication. The first issue I have designed is issue 7, Crave.

I know HTML, CSS and Javascript.