Flo Low


Graphic Design
Visual Art

Florence Low is a British-Armenian graphic designer, art educator, editor and visual artist. 

They received their FdA in Graphic Design from the Camberwell College of Arts, University of Arts London, their MA in Reception of the Classical World from University College London, and their BA in Classics from the University of Nottingham.

Florence specialises in branding, layout design and web design. Their clients include the Barbican, the Hye-Phen Collective and HyeBred Magazine. In their work, they explore public and private space in the city through the lens of queer space and the forest. 

Florence teaches weekly Zoom art classes aimed at young children, based around movements in art history, and they run a fortnightly Zoom art club.

You can email Florence at florencearlow@gmail.com, and find their instagram at @boy.florence


Recipes from a Free Artsakh: PRESALE

A collection of recipes, contributed by Armenians and our friends, telling our history: of the lands we belong to, have passed through and have made our own; of gatherings, celebrations and mourning.

Includes recipes from the beginning of an Armenian feast, through to the end: a cocktail to start, passing through classic Armenian recipes as dolma and jingyalov hats, and ending with sweets and a cup of coffee. 

All proceeds beyond printing costs and administration fees will be donated directly to a refugee family from Artsakh in need. 

This is a discounted presale: the cookbook will be printed and shipped at the end of September.

Shipping is £3 to the UK, £7 outside of the UK.