Flo Low


Graphic Design
Visual Art

Florence Low is a British-Armenian graphic designer, art educator, editor and visual artist. 

They received their FdA in Graphic Design from the Camberwell College of Arts, University of Arts London, their MA in Reception of the Classical World from University College London, and their BA in Classics from the University of Nottingham.

Florence specialises in branding, layout design and web design. Their clients include the Barbican, the Hye-Phen Collective and HyeBred Magazine. In their work, they explore public and private space in the city through the lens of queer space and the forest. 

Florence teaches weekly Zoom art classes aimed at young children, based around movements in art history, and they run a fortnightly Zoom art club.

You can email Florence at florencearlow@gmail.com, and find their instagram at @boy.florence


Hye-Phen Poster Bundle Project (2021)

Project: Two posters designed for the Hye-Phen Collective for their poster bundle fundraiser. 

Skills: Hand- and digital illustration; Illustra tor; Photoshop.

Final designs

I work with the queer Armenian arts collective Hye-Phen as their designer.  For a fundraiser to enable us to pay contributors for our future project Gatherings I (along with other artists in our community) was asked to create two poster designs, to sell as part of a poster bundle. 

These designs were inspired by Armenian ideas of time and eternity. Having just lost masses of ancestral land through the Artsakh conflict, I wanted to convey a sense of time being long, a hope that land can return to us through motifs of coffee-cup reading.